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Strengthening local organizing in the heart of the empire. Join our community council to coordinate locally while we resist Trump, Capitalism, and the far-right.


WeDisrupt and ResistThis! is powered by people. Many can identify the problems but we do this work because we know about solutions.  We want you to organize with us! Activism can’t actually exist without your constant participation. Whether its to support local organizing or resisting Trump on the national level, we can’t do it without you.

Events that we are organizing or support.

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Interested in organizing with the DMV spokes council? Represent your organization, cluster, or affinity group.

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Knowing there’s unparalleled strength in numbers, the lifeblood of Effective Organizing will always be your ongoing support. Maybe you’re just sick of Trump so you sympathize with our efforts. Maybe you’re an Organizer, a pissed off Hillary Supporter, An active Anti Fascist or former fan of Bernie. Or maybe, you’re an Organization. We share the same truth: We need each other.

Supporting fellow activists could be either the act of making a generous donation or just showing up to awesome events. There’s immense value in doing both but we grow stronger from any and all of your efforts.

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We added a Donate button below so leave what you can, and by scrolling a bit farther you’ll find the closest approaching DC-area Organizing Events, Workshops, and Trainings you can attend or help support!

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We will continue to build The Resistance. Let’s Disrupt